Worked Hammer Prop - GatorTail XD

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Worked Hammer Propeller: 12.75x11 with 3/4" hex for GTRXD Motors.  -- Will NOT work on a MUDBUDDY -- 1" of pitch added

Stainless steel, Rockwell hardness of 39-41. Harder blades last longer, perform better in all conditions, and deform less under load.

Blade ends are double-cupped for four-wheel drive performance.

The machined taper face promotes better alignment which eliminates drive vibration.

Improved rake increases speed in open water.

Wide blade face ensures better hole-shots in mud.


  • Will ONLY work for Gator Tail XD Motors - not non xd gatortails, not mudbuddy, not anything other than a GatorTail XD
  • Should only be used on motors that will rev to at least 4400 RPM's in the water. 
  • All worked props do not have a warranty!!! 


Please allow 1-5 Business Days for orders to process.