Briggs & Stratton SAE 15W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

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You know a thing or two about hard work. The best engines power your equipment, driving optimal performance, power and profit. Why should your engine oil be any different? Use the engine oil that’s as tough as the conditions you encounter. Vanguard 100% Synthetic Engine Oil.

The full-synthetic composition makes Vanguard Oil a high-performance solution, providing longer oil life compared to a semi-synthetic or mineral-based oil product. The zinc additive ingredient provides anti-wear protection from metal components, while the high-quality detergent ensures lower engine deposits over time.

Even in the most demanding environments, Vanguard Oil delivers. It is suitable for use in outdoor temperatures up to 130°F, providing maximum protection in hot summer months. Cold starting properties go as low as 20°F ensuring easy starting in late fall months. 

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